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The following are faculty materials available in this site. (DIP refers Digital Image Processing and DIPUM refers to Digital Image Processing Using MATLABSee the navigation bar on the left for access to these books).

DIP Instructor's Manual


PowerPoint Presentations


Overview Materials

The Instructor Manuals contain teaching guidelines and solutions to all problems in the book. The manuals are available only to instructors who have adopted the book for classroom use.  Submit an application for a manual.

[Evaluation copies of the manuals can be downloaded by anyone. The evaluations are identical to the full manuals, except that they contain answers to only a few problems.]



PowerPoint  presentation slides containing all the art (tables, graphs, and images) in the book is provided for each book to help instructors prepare their classroom materials.

Only the art is included. Instructors generally add their own supplementary material (equations, etc.). 

Download PowerPoint Classroom Presentation


Some instructors spend some class time reviewing foundation material.  We provide overviews of vectors and matrices, probability theory, and linear systems in PowerPoint format.

Download PowerPoint Review Materials.



DIP Laboratory Projects


DIPUM 2/e Support Package


Errata Sheets

Many faculty assign projects to students based on the list of projects outlined in this site.



All the materials for the book Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 2nd ed, are contained in the DIPUM 2/e Faculty Support Package, consisting of:

1) The P-code DIPUM Toolbox 2, a set of nearly 120 new
M-functions developed in the book (more details).

2) All the original images in the book.

3) A set of sample projects.

4) A set of PowerPoint slides for classroom presentations.

Apply for the DIPUM2E Faculty Support Package.



You can download the errata sheet containing updated corrections corresponding to your book.