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What are the differences between the books Digital Image Processing and Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB?  Answer


What is the latest release of the DIPUM Toolbox?  Answer


How can I obtain the DIPUM Toolbox?  Answer


What is the difference between the Free and the Registered DIPUM Toolboxes?  Answer


Why do I get the statement  "Warning: FFT on values of class UINT8 is obsolete" when I run a MATLAB function?  Answer


How can I obtain answers to problems in the book Digital Image Processing that are not marked with a star (*)?  Answer


Some of the images that are in the book are not in the set of images that I can download. Why?  Answer


Where can I find a list of corrections to the errors in the book Digital Image ProcessingAnswer


Where can I find a list of corrections to the errors in the book Digital Image Processing Using MATLABAnswer


Where can I get a listing of all the corrections that have been made to functions in the DIPUM Toolbox?  Answer


Where can I find the latest corrections made to the functions in the DIPUM Toolbox? Answer


Why do I get the following error when I try to run function ice.m in the DIPUM Toolbox:

> ??? Undefined function or variable 'gui_mainfcn'.

> Error in ==> C:\MATLAB6p1\work\ice.m

> On line 94  ==>     gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});   Answer


When attempting to establish a Chat Room connection I get the following error:

The connection cannot be established. Check the following:

- server is not up (try again later), or

- server cannot be accessed due to some firewall restrictions.

Why do I get this error? Answer


I downloaded and installed the P-Code DIPUM Toolbox, but now when I type help followed by the function name, I don't get instructions on how to use the functions.  Why? Answer


I installed the P-Code DIPUM Toolbox and when I try to execute a function I get an error message that reads: 

>> . . . function.p is a P-file written by a newer version of MATLAB and cannot be read.

Why do I get this error?  Answer


I am having problems with function ice.m.  It does not display images properly.  What should I do?   Answer


How can I determine which version of MATLAB and Image Processing Toolbox I'm using?   Answer