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This site contains the following categories of complementary materials designed especially for students (DIP refers Digital Image Processing and DIPUM refers to Digital Image Processing Using MATLABSee the navigation bar on the left for access to these books).

DIP Review Materials


DIP Problem Solutions


DIP Projects

The review material covers  linear system theory, matrices and vectors, and probability theory.  The material is at a level similar to the discussions in the book.

Download the review materials in PDF format.



Detailed solutions are provided for problems marked with as asterisk in the book.

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The projects deal with material from the various chapters in the book. 

View and/or download the list of projects.






DIPUM 2/e Support Package





All the materials for the book Digital Image Processing, 2nd ed, are contained in the DIPUM 2/e Student Support Package, consisting of:

1) The P-code DIPUM Toolbox 2, a set of nearly 120 new
M-functions developed in the book (more details).

2) All the original images in the book.

3) A set of sample projects.

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Also, be sure to check out the other sections of the web site listed on the menu at the left, in particular the Errata Sheets section which contains a list of corrections to the book, and the Tutorials, which contain material that can be quite helpful in giving you additional insights into the field of image processing. See in particular Tutorial #000, which contains background material related to the book.

Graduate students involved in thesis or dissertation work will find the topics under the Research sections of the web site particularly useful for both historical and up-to-date background material.

Undergraduate and graduate students involved in algorithm implementation will find the Software section, and most of the material in the book Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, of significant value.