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How to Obtain the Instructor's Manual for DIP/3e

The manual is available only to faculty members who have adopted the book for classroom use. If you have adopted the book, and wish to obtain an Instructor's Manual, please complete Steps A and B. These steps are designed to avoid delays in getting the manual to you.

A. Include the following items in an email message to:

manuals~at~imageprocessingplace.com  (type @ in place of ~at~ when sending mail)

IMPORTANT: The subject line in your mail must be exactly: REQUEST FOR DIP3E INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL

All items are required. Incomplete forms cannot be processed:

You can copy and paste the following topics onto most mail programs.

1. The serial number of your book, found in the upper left corner of the back cover. If your book

  has no serial number, please type: No Serial Number.

2. Your name.

3. Your title.

4. Your email address (must be an official, institutional email address).

5. The name of your department.

6. The name of your institution.

7. Internet address of your departmental web page where you are listed as a faculty member.

8. Your country.

9. Your business phone number.

10. The name of your academic department chairperson.

11. The chairperson's email address (must be an official, institutional email address).

12. The course number in which you are planning to use the book.

13. Date when the course will start

14. How did you obtain the book? (e.g., Amazon, Bookstore, Complimentary Desk Copy, etc.)

B. The subject line in your message MUST be exactly: REQUEST FOR DIP3E INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL

C. Regarding the time required to process an application

If all items in the application are filled out according to the preceding instructions, it takes typically one to two days to process the application and send an email to the instructor with details on how to download the manual. However, if the departmental web site identified in item 5 is not in English, or if you are not listed in the departmental web page, then you will receive an email message with instructions on how to apply for the manual via postal correspondence.