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Application for the DIP4E or DIP4E Global Faculty Support Package

The DIP4E and DIP4E Global Faculty Support Package is available only to faculty members who have adopted the book for classroom use. Please complete the steps in A.

A. Include the following items in an email message to:

manuals~at~imageprocessingplace.com  (type @ in place of ~at~ when sending mail)

The subject in your mail must be exactly: REQUEST FOR THE DIP4E FACULTY SUPPORT PACKAGE.

You can copy and paste the following topics onto most mail programs.

1. The Serial Number, a 12-digit number starting with 4U or 4G. This number is on the back cover, or

    inside the front or back cover.

2. Your name. [You will use this name to access online manuals.]

3. Your title.

4. Your email address [Download instructions will be sent to this address. ALSO, this address will be coupled with your book serial number for accessing the online manuals. We strongly suggest that you use a permanent email address.]

5. A Password. [This password and your email address will become your permanent credentials for accessing online manuals. Please choose your password carefully. Changing it or your email address will require that another application be submitted.]

6. Name of your department.

7. Name of your institution.

8. Departmental web page where you are shown as a faculty member.

9. Your country.

10. Name of your academic department chairperson.

11. The chairperson's email address (must be an official, institutional email address).

12. The course number in which you are planning to use the book.

13. Date when the course will start.

B. On average 3 days are required to process an application. Incomplete forms take
    much longer because they are returned for further processing.