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Faculty Application to Download the Package of Support Materials for DIPUM 2/e

The faculty Support Package consists of the P-Code DIPUM Toolbox 2, the original book images, a list of sample projects, and a set of PowerPoint slides for classroom presentations.


For your application, please include the following items in an email message to:

admin016~at~imageprocessingplace.com  (type @ in place of ~at~ when sending mail)

IMPORTANT: The subject line in your mail must read: FACULTY REQUEST FOR DIPUM 2/E MATERIALS

You can copy and paste the following topics onto most mail programs.  All items are required. Incomplete forms cannot be processed:

1. The 12-digit serial number of your book, found in the inside of the back cover. The application
    cannot be processed without this number.

2. The 13-digit serial number in the lower right of the back cover. The number starts with 978.

3. Your name.

4. Your title.

5. The name of your department.

6. The name of your institution.

7. Internet address of your departmental web page where you are listed as a faculty member.

8. Your email address.

9. Your country.

10. Your business phone number.

11. The name of your academic department chairperson.

12. The chairperson's email address.

13. The course number in which you are planning to use the book.

14. Date when the course will start.

15. Expected number of students.

16. Where did you obtain the book? (e.g., Amazon, Barnes & Noble, University Bookstore, etc.).