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About Unsupported Books

Often, you will be able to find books for sale on the Internet (in the U.S. and elsewhere) that are advertised as being identical to the original. These claims are false, and often the books are illegal, poor quality copies of the originals. The books are full of subtle errors, and will cause you innumerable problems. There are legal proceedings against people that violate international copyright law, but that process is slow.

To protect yourself, and ensure that your book will be supported (illegal books are not supported by this web site), we urge you not to purchase illegal books. The money you save will be expensive in the end.


ISBN: 9788120336407.

Avoid this book. The publisher is PHI in India. They call themselves Prentice-Hall India, but they have nothing to do with Pearson/Prentice-Hall, the legal publisher of the book. We have had numerous complaints about missing pages and figures, and poor quality in general. You can identify these books by looking on the front or the back cover. If you see a label that says PHI, you have a book with problems.

Another book is a book published in India that has the serial number 9788131719343 OR 9788131726952. This book is supported ONLY in the Indian Subcontinent.

Books with the ISBN numbers 9780135052679, 9788871925066, and 9780132345637 are international editions and are not supported in North America..

Finally, if you have a book that looks like the one shown below, has the ISBN number 9780131687288, but does not have a serial number in the upper left of the back cover, you have been sold an illegal book printed overseas and sold illegally to unsuspected readers. We suggest that you return it immediately to the place where you purchased it and demand a refund. This book is full of subtle errors that will cause you a lot of grief.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOU'VE BEEN SOLD ONE OF THE ABOVE BOOKS? Return the book immediately to the place where you bought it and demand your money back. Then purchase a book that does not have any of the characteristics explained above.